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Commit to a Happier, Healthier You: Take the Wellness Week Pledge

One day, after a grueling few hours at work on top all the things good and not-so-good going on in my life, I felt a bit overwhelmed. So, in the middle of the day, I decided to take a much needed break. Sitting under a tree eating a banana and cashews while listening to the birds chirp, my mind was able to empty out. I began to refocus and feel a real sense of calm. It was a moment where it was all about me, and nourishing my mind, body and soul. This week, March 19-25 is National Wellness Week presented by SpaFinder. Take charge of your mental and physical health. Discover simple, inexpensive ways you can take those “you” moments. Also, get amazing deals on spa, fitness and wellness services this week.
The Wellness Week Pledge 
I pledge to take charge of my health by taking these simple yet vital steps toward a happier and healthier life. By committing to achieve at least one of these activities each day of Wellness Week, I will make taking care of myself a priority, enabling me to do more, stay healthy, and live a longer, more vibrant and meaningful life. I pledge to:

  • Change my breakfast. I will kick off my day with a healthy meal that includes foods like oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, seeds, nuts, and whole grain cereals and toast. 
  • Choose to move. I will walk more by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further from the store or taking a desk break to go for a five-minute stroll. 
  • Hydrate. I will drink a glass of water before breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
  • Make my sleep a priority. I will build boundaries around my sleep by sticking to a set bedtime, and by not eating or working in bed. 
  • Embrace the power of touch. I will recharge myself and others through the simple act of giving or receiving a hug, foot rub or five-minute massage. 
  • Give myself the gift of silence. I will find 10 minutes a day away from screens of any type – phone, TV or computer and enjoy the quiet. 
  • Connect with nature. I will walk outside, breath more deeply and enjoy the outdoors for a few minutes each day. 

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What steps will you take this week to commit to a happier, healthier you? Please share your comments below.