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Fly Natural Hair: Simple, Chic TWA Headband

Short hair doesn’t have to be boring. This beaded head band is the perfect accessory to add a little flirty pazzaz to your natural look. The model in this pic really lets her natural beauty shine with minimal makeup. Her curls are finger-defined with product. This look can be achieved using a twist defining cream or a gel, water and oil mix. Her earrings and necklace provide a feminine and sultry touch. She is killing this TWA!

Do you love this look? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Do you ever want to go back? Going Natural and Staying Natural

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The other day I was explaining to someone that I have been natural on and off for over ten years. I have been rocking natural since before it was a “trend” or a “movement”. The woman I was talking to asked me, “So, are you here to stay?” Excitedly I declared, “YES!”. We proceeded to chat about how we could never go back to perm. I say this now, but 3 years ago, this was not the case. So, what changed in the way I felt about my natural hair?

First off, I developed a new attitude. The new buzz phrase in the natural hair community is “Natural Hair, Don’t Care.” To rock natural hair with confidence, you really have to develop a certain sass or swag about your hair. Now, I’m not talking about becoming phony or bourgeois, but when people see you, they need to see a woman who is not ashamed of the big puff atop her head. The naysayers about my hair suddenly became irrelevant in terms of the way I styled my hair (even family members). Either you were for me or against me. If you were against my hair, then I quickly changed the topic. My choice to go natural was not up for discussion. In the past, I let folks get to me, but not anymore.

Second, there are more resources now than ever before. From blogs to Youtube to online communities like the Love Your Naps Facebook Group, you are never without support in your decision.

Lastly, I learned how to adapt to the way my natural hair behaves instead of trying to make fit into the permed look I was used to. I also learned how adjust my schedule to my texture. Styling and manipulating afro-textured hair everyday in the same manner as relaxed hair is just not an option. You will either be late for your appointment or be tempted to use damaging hair practices to whip the hair into shape. Instead, I learned to plan out my styles for the week.

So, do I ever want to go back? Sometimes. I mostly dream of going back on bad hair days. But then, I remind myself that I had bad hair days even when I was relaxed. Other times, I think of going back when I just want to blend in and assimilate. I don’t always like the attention that comes with natural hair. But then, I wake up and realize that, “HELLO! Our very presence as Black people commands attention. So, get over it.” Stand up and be confident in who you are.

Tell us, do you ever want to go back to relaxer? What keeps you natural? Please use the comment section below or join us on Facebook.


Naps on the Street: Nicole Ari Parker at Street Car Named Desire Opening Night [PHOTOS]


 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this woman! I’m always inspired by women who seem to do it all. Nicole Ari Parker is a actress (most noted for her role in the hit TV drama “Soul Food”), model, wife and entrepreneur. Now add to that list, star of the all-new production of Tennessee Williams’ Broadway classic, A Streetcar Named Desire. This multi-ethnic cast also stars two-time Golden Globe Award nominee Blair Underwood, two-time Tony nominee Daphne Rubin-Vega and actor Wood Harris who starred in “Above the Rim” and “Remember the Titans.” Nicole Ari Parker attended the opening night after party sporting a new curly cut and color. She looks absolutely fabulous with hubby, actor Boris Kodjoe on her arm…Tell us what you think of Nicole’s new look in the comment section below.



10 Tips for Rocking Your Natural Look on Valentine’s Day

I find that many women who are newly natural or even have been in it for a while struggle with feeling sexy in their natural hair. In my experience with dating with natural hair and now marriage, hair comes secondary to all the other many facets of who you are. However there are some things you can do to enhance your natural look.

  1. Don’t go overboard on the accessories. Your man wants to see you, not ten pounds of jewelry and accessories.
  2. Accentuate your best features. Eyes, lips, hips…whatever your gimmick is.. work it!
  3. Don’t feel pressured to dress naked just because your hair is natural. I’m not saying don’t get your sexy on…lol but do it with class!
  4. Loose curls and twistouts can be very alluring. Leave your twists in until it’s time to go out. Tip: Pull your twist apart a little for extra volume without disturbing the curl definition. A little volume is sexy.
  5. Don’t forget your ends scraggly ends distract from the style. Trim them, gel them or curl them with rollers depending on the style.
  6. Is their a particular style your man really likes? Give him what he wants..even if just for one night.
  7. Don’t forget your eyebrows. It’s amazing what perfectly trimmed eyebrows can do to frame your face. Get them trimmed professionally. If you don’t have eyebrows…like me, shade them in lightly with brown eyeliner or brow correcter.  
  8. Pin-ups and updos are sexy. Why? Because they reveal the nape of your neck…enough said.
  9. Short hair don’t care! Dazzle him with a little something unexpected and girly like a small flower or hair pin. Also check out my post on styling options for your TWA.
  10. Wear your confidence. This cannot be said enough. If think you are pretty or sexy, then it will show to others with your body language. Your confidence (not cockiness) will make you even more alluring. Most all just be you. After all, that is who he is hanging out with, right?
Do you struggle with feeling sexy with natural hair? Or, what are some of your tips for natural hair fierceness?