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Seriously? Are they for real? These Type F videos are a trip!


So, there’s been a lot of buzz on Twitter and Facebook about the hair care videos on Tyra Banks’ new website, typeF.com. If you have not heard of TypeF here’s a description from, Demand Media:

typeF.com gives women a fresh take on fashion and beauty and empowers them to discover their unique personal style. Inspired by Tyra’s mission to expand the definition of beauty, typeF.com provides a personalized site experience tailored to each woman’s individual body, skin and hair type, and connects a vibrant community built on the celebration of confidence and individuality.

 So what’s the big deal? Apparently, there’s been an outcry from the natural hair community on the health and quality of the stylist’s natural hair who is doing the tutorials as well as criticism of the advice she actually gives. One blogger, Luvvie of AwesomeyLuvvie.com goes on to say:

 I can’t take advice about haircare from someone who needs about 2 inches of trim. Her ends are more split than the Republican party and she’s tryna tell folks what to do….AND she’s a hairstylist??? What do her customers look like when they get out her chair? And this lady is telling folks to be running brushes through their afros. That explains why hers looks like the hay they were smoking in the middle of the barn. I mean you hear the sound of the brush running through her hair??? Ain’t that the same sound you get if you shuffle on carpet?

The website has since disabled most of the “ethnic” hair videos (as they call them), but there’s a whole slew of videos, that might make you go, “Hmmmm???” Like this one, with a hair stylist all “weaved-out” trying to teach us how to tame frizzy hair. Seriously?

Quick Ways to Tame Frizzy Hair — powered by http://www.typef.com

I’m not going to say anymore. I want to hear from you. What’s your take on this topic?  Do you think these videos represent what Tyra is trying to do?

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