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QOD: “My hair has grown a lot and it’s super thick and curly!! I have …”

…to use A LOT of conditioner and olive oil to keep moisture .. I usually cut it but I want it to grow long.. I like the dreds but don’t want to commit to that style.. I like change too much .. What to do???
Another confused nappy head”
Dear “Another confused nappy head” (Lol/smh)
There are a few approaches that I would use to accelerate hair growth. The main thing is to protect the hair at all costs. You are doing a good job at keeping it well conditioned and moisturized. However, make sure you are not getting too much gunk build up in the scalp, because that can actually inhibit hair growth. As for styling I would say two-strand twists every 2 weeks or so to protect the hair from the daily styling damage of combing and heat styling. You don’t have to do this forever, but the hair needs a break every now and then. You also may want to get it blow-dried straight about once every one to two months and have your ends clips. Split ends cause breakage and though you may see a lot of new growth at the top, if your ends keep breaking off, you’ll never see any length.  Hope that helps you be more happy nappy!
-Love, Cj
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