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Get Pillow Soft Curls on Kinky Hair (and other types)

Ever wonder the secret to gorgeous curls? Are you tired of the plain old twistout or braidout? Does the curl fall out of your bantu knots as soon as you take them down? The other day a lady complimented me on my hair. She was like, “Wow, it looks so soft and shiny…Can I touch it?” Proudly, I said, “Sure!” Normally, I might hesitate  but I was feeling my curls. Here’s my technique using bantu knots to achieve an optimum curl.

1. Start with stretched or blown out hair. If you are strictly a no heat person, then working with an old twistout or banding technique will do fine. Stretching will give you more length and flexibility and dry faster.

2. Go one section at a time. Section hair into medium to large chunks, about 1-2 inches wide.

3. Smooth out kinks with oil and a wide-tooth comb. I used Eden Body Works Jojoba and Monoi Oil and coconut oil to smooth out my hair. Using the oil will prevent hair from becoming too hard or flaking. A dab of oil on each section will do.

4. Do not use gel. Use a good curly pudding. For this I used Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. A dab or two will do. You don’t want too much because the product mixed with oil will be too gloppy.

5. MY SECRET: Two-strand twist the hair before bantu knotting…why? Makes kinky hair more curly, and lasts longer. Kinky hair is thick, so the more sections you make, the more curl you can add.

6. Allow bantu knots to set over night. Before taking down your hair, squeeze the knot to make sure the hair is completely dry. It is still feels damp, or if too much oil is coming out, your hair will be frizzy and have little curl. If you have time, wait another day…seriously. Or, sit under a hooded dry on a low setting to speed up drying time.

Day 1 Bed Time 

You should still have enough curl left in your hair to not have to do much to it. All I did for day one is make sure my curls where laying uniform and gently crunched them under my satin hair bonnet.

Day 2 Bed Time (and beyond)
By the end of day 2, my hair was pretty frizzy. So, I decided to retwist and re-bantu only using a moisturizing cream. I focused primarily on smoothing product on my ends, then smoothed down from root to end. At Day 3 you might consider spritzing with water to rehydrate your hair. You can repeat the day 1 routine with the curly pudding which I find gives more sheen than just using the moisturizing cream. However, if this is my day to day style, then I like using just the cream for less build up. I would not do this past a week due to product build up and the potential for overstyling abuse.

Hope you enjoyed this style. Let us know if you have tried or plan to try this style.

Hanging at Chicago Natural Beauty Expo

I finally caught a moment to post some pics from the Chicago Natural Beauty Expo hosted by Miko and Titi Branch of Miss Jesse’s Products and Rachel O. of Chicago Naturals Meetup which now has over 1000 members. What an exciting time! There was a fashion show by the Double Stitch Twins (phenomenal crochet divas…)and Essentials Elements Boutique a one of a kind boutique on Chicago’s South Side. Keeping the show popping was the hilarious and talented MC, “The King MC” and DJ Cruize Control. The event was held at the Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago. I had a fantastic time mingling with all the beautiful naturals. Check out the pics below and view more pics on our Facebook album.

Product Review: Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment

Find online at Target

I have to start by saying that I was long overdue for a deep conditoning. As part of my hair goals for this year (see them here), I want to maintian deep conditioning every 2-4 weeks. I decided to try Miss Jessie’s Super Sweet Treatment. Miss Jessie’s makes a lot of claims (with a hefty price tag), so I wanted to put it to the test.

You know we all love “smell good.” This conditioner actually has a very sweet smell, though the term “sweetback” has nothing to do with smell…Anyway, I slathered a golf-ball size (recommended) of product on my hair from root to end. I used a wide tooth comb and my fingers to detangle my hair prior to getting under the dryer. I sat under a hooded dryer for about 20 minutes with a plastic cap on my head. The directions suggest that the growth properties are amplified with a stream treatment or under a hooded dryer but it’s written to be optional. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there on how long to deep condition or if applying heat is necessary. A general rule of thumb is just to follow the directions on the package. One thing I would suggest that Miss Jessie’s clarify in the directions, is that it says so leave on for 30 minutes, but doesn’t explain how. I suppose you could detangle for 30 minutes straight. Or, just walk around for 30 minutes with a shower cap.  The other method they suggest is to allow the steam from the shower penetrate the hair for 15 minutes. Looking back, I think I will try that method next time since it is much less cumbersome and may add more moisture.

My thoughts about this product:

  • The product promises elongated curls…ummmm…I don’t have curls. I have kinks. So, my shrunken afro didn’t seem any longer than before.
  • My hair felt soft after using it.
  • I didn’t struggle as much installing my mix of wet two-strand twists and flat-twists.
  • Days later, my fluffy flat-twistout was still fluffy (Of, course I would retwist every other night.)
  • I was delighted to find that this product also contains shea butter and centella extract which pormotes hair growth.
  • As I always say, every hair type and hair need is different. Try it for yourself. You can find it in the store or order online at Target.com.

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Hanging at the Chicago Naturals Meetup hosted by Black Girl With Long Hair featuring Titi and Miko Branch of Miss Jessie’s

The morning started out dark and raining, surely I thought the day was going to be a washout. Then the clouds broke and the sun appeared, shinning down on hundreds of naturalistas from across the Chicagoland area at the Chicago Naturals Meetup hosted by Black Girl With Long Hair featuring Titi and Miko Branch of Miss Jessie’s Products on this past Sunday. As I walked from two blocks away to the Little Black Pearl Gallery where the event was held, I saw afros, twists, puffs and twistouts coming from the east, west, north and south. It felt like we were on a long-awaited pilgrimage to a place where our natural beauty would be celebrated.

We were welcomed by smiling vendors selling everything from t-shirts to oils to broken vinyl record earrings. (Don’t forget to check back in as I feature some of my favorites in future posts). Stylists from Miss Jessie’s Salon were on hand to answer questions from the audience. Some of the questions included: How to determine which product is right for you?, What’s the best type of hair for braids?, What’s the difference between a texturizer and a silkener? What’s the best way to detangle hair and prevent knotting? (We’ll be tackling these questions here over the next couple of weeks.)

There were also live demonstrations on doing dry twists and finger-styling with Miss Jessie’s products. After about an hour of Q&A and demos, in walks the two powerhouses Titi and Miko. I was really surprised when Miko took over and started twisting one of the models hair…and that woman is fast! They were gracious enough to stay there and answer everyone’s questions. I must say that was the highlight of the day (not to mention getting to take home free product to test out…)