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Chicago Natural Beauty Meetup this Weekend!!

Join Rachel Odem of Chicago Natural Beauty Meetup and Makeup by Rachel O. on September 10, 2011 at 2pm. This event will include: discussion session with a licensed hair stylist, refreshments, a fashion segment and more!

Register for your chance to win 1 of 10 full size gift bags from Miss Jessie’s!
Each attendee will receive a sample pack of shampoo, conditioner and styling product

You can RSVP here: $7 online, $10 at the door.

Let us know if you are attending this event!

Hanging at the Chicago Naturals Meetup hosted by Black Girl With Long Hair featuring Titi and Miko Branch of Miss Jessie’s

The morning started out dark and raining, surely I thought the day was going to be a washout. Then the clouds broke and the sun appeared, shinning down on hundreds of naturalistas from across the Chicagoland area at the Chicago Naturals Meetup hosted by Black Girl With Long Hair featuring Titi and Miko Branch of Miss Jessie’s Products on this past Sunday. As I walked from two blocks away to the Little Black Pearl Gallery where the event was held, I saw afros, twists, puffs and twistouts coming from the east, west, north and south. It felt like we were on a long-awaited pilgrimage to a place where our natural beauty would be celebrated.

We were welcomed by smiling vendors selling everything from t-shirts to oils to broken vinyl record earrings. (Don’t forget to check back in as I feature some of my favorites in future posts). Stylists from Miss Jessie’s Salon were on hand to answer questions from the audience. Some of the questions included: How to determine which product is right for you?, What’s the best type of hair for braids?, What’s the difference between a texturizer and a silkener? What’s the best way to detangle hair and prevent knotting? (We’ll be tackling these questions here over the next couple of weeks.)

There were also live demonstrations on doing dry twists and finger-styling with Miss Jessie’s products. After about an hour of Q&A and demos, in walks the two powerhouses Titi and Miko. I was really surprised when Miko took over and started twisting one of the models hair…and that woman is fast! They were gracious enough to stay there and answer everyone’s questions. I must say that was the highlight of the day (not to mention getting to take home free product to test out…)