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How to Rock a Headwrap with Style [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Have you ever had to run out of the house for a short errand but didn’t want to take down or style your hair? Do you:
a) Just stay in the house until you are ready to deal with your hair
b) Say fit forget it, step outside with your do-rag on, looking like you are about the clean the house
c) Spend time styling your hair only to have to re-style it again
d) Or, rock a headwrap with style and class?

Let’s go with answer “d”. Sistas, please stop coming outside on the block with do-rags, shower caps and bonnets on your head. You can find used fabric at the thrift store and it only takes minute to tie a cute headwrap, throw in some bangle earrings, jeans and a shirt to have a fashionable look. This a great look if you are transitioning or just need a break from styling. Check out African Export’s video below on how to tie a headwrap. Share your headwrap photos with us on our Facebook page.