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EDEN BodyWorks Launches New Coconut Shea Collection with “Style”

Alecia Tucker answers the ladies most pressing hair questions.

To celebrate the launch of the new Coconut Shea collection, EDEN BodyWorks has hosted a series of events entitled “Style with EDEN.”  Infused with pure coconut oil and shea butter, the Coconut Shea product line, promises to change the way you manage your hair. I had the pleasure of attending the event along with many other style mavens in the Chicago area. The event was held at the hip, south loop venue, City Point Loft.  A major highlight of the evening was the panel discussion, a fusion if you will, of hair and fashion.

The panelist included Chicago favorites: Aramide “Dee Dee” Esubi of The Sassy Peach, Alecia Tucker aka “Afros N’ Baby Hair” of Thrive Beauty Bar (Salon) and Autumn Merritt of Sir and Madame Boutique with hair and clothing models Tanikia Thompson of Nikki in the City and Rachel Odem of Rachel O. Beauty. I was so inspired by the passion with the panelist shared their wisdom. Alecia Tucker gave us a breakdown of how she used each product to style models’ hair. Armed with new knowledge, I can’t wait to share my own experience and results of the new product line with you.

Here are some more photo highlights of the evening. Enjoy!

Stepping out with style

Ylorie Anderson, our host for the evening
Renae Bluitt of In her Shoes Blog, Ylorie Anderson, Aramide Esubi of The Sassy Peach,
Autumn Merritt of Sir and Madame.
Photo credit Chuckstr Photography

SWAG!! Each attendee received a full-size product to try.
(In case you are wondering…that’s my hand on the right…lol)
Photo credit: Chuckstr Photography
Hair models Tanikia Thompson and Rachel Odem, Clothing styled by Autumn Merrit
and hair Alecia Tucker
Can we get an ‘Amen’ for the shoes!?

About the Collection

Pudding Soufflé:
A lightweight soft hold styling formula perfect for setting, twisting and
defining hair. Great for elongating and stretching curls. SRP: $8.99 (16 oz.)

Leave-In Conditioner: A creamy detangler used to soften hair and improve manageability. This sulfate-free formula is safe for color-treated, chemically treated, curly, or straight hair. SRP: $8.99 (8 oz.)

Co-Wash: A no-suds, moisture-rich, sulfate-free cleansing conditioner that leaves hair silky, soft, and frizz-free while removing build up. Ideal for those seeking daily hydration without the concern of drying hair out from excessive shampooing. SRP: $8.99 (16 oz.)

Curl Crème: Eliminating curl shrinkage and fly aways, this humidity-resistant formulation refines and separates curls and waves while providing maximum hold. SRP: $8.99 (16 oz.)

Edge Gel: Smooth and tame hairline edges with an emollient rich, frizz-fighting
formulation that eliminates unruly tresses. SRP: $8.99 (6 oz.)

Get Pillow Soft Curls on Kinky Hair (and other types)

Ever wonder the secret to gorgeous curls? Are you tired of the plain old twistout or braidout? Does the curl fall out of your bantu knots as soon as you take them down? The other day a lady complimented me on my hair. She was like, “Wow, it looks so soft and shiny…Can I touch it?” Proudly, I said, “Sure!” Normally, I might hesitate  but I was feeling my curls. Here’s my technique using bantu knots to achieve an optimum curl.

1. Start with stretched or blown out hair. If you are strictly a no heat person, then working with an old twistout or banding technique will do fine. Stretching will give you more length and flexibility and dry faster.

2. Go one section at a time. Section hair into medium to large chunks, about 1-2 inches wide.

3. Smooth out kinks with oil and a wide-tooth comb. I used Eden Body Works Jojoba and Monoi Oil and coconut oil to smooth out my hair. Using the oil will prevent hair from becoming too hard or flaking. A dab of oil on each section will do.

4. Do not use gel. Use a good curly pudding. For this I used Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. A dab or two will do. You don’t want too much because the product mixed with oil will be too gloppy.

5. MY SECRET: Two-strand twist the hair before bantu knotting…why? Makes kinky hair more curly, and lasts longer. Kinky hair is thick, so the more sections you make, the more curl you can add.

6. Allow bantu knots to set over night. Before taking down your hair, squeeze the knot to make sure the hair is completely dry. It is still feels damp, or if too much oil is coming out, your hair will be frizzy and have little curl. If you have time, wait another day…seriously. Or, sit under a hooded dry on a low setting to speed up drying time.

Day 1 Bed Time 

You should still have enough curl left in your hair to not have to do much to it. All I did for day one is make sure my curls where laying uniform and gently crunched them under my satin hair bonnet.

Day 2 Bed Time (and beyond)
By the end of day 2, my hair was pretty frizzy. So, I decided to retwist and re-bantu only using a moisturizing cream. I focused primarily on smoothing product on my ends, then smoothed down from root to end. At Day 3 you might consider spritzing with water to rehydrate your hair. You can repeat the day 1 routine with the curly pudding which I find gives more sheen than just using the moisturizing cream. However, if this is my day to day style, then I like using just the cream for less build up. I would not do this past a week due to product build up and the potential for overstyling abuse.

Hope you enjoyed this style. Let us know if you have tried or plan to try this style.

Product Review: Eden BodyWorks Jojoba and Monoi Line

Many of you may have walked down the aisle at Walmart and noticed a new product line in the ethnic hair care section. I recently had the opportunity of trying the entire Eden Bodyworks Jojoba and Minoi line. I also had the pleasure of hearing a presentation from Dr. Kari Williams a trichologist and natural hair expert who is the spokesperson for the line. I would like to share with you her tips on the benefits of the product along with my personal experience and results in using it.
What’s in a name?The Jojaba and Monoi line is designed to infuse strength into the hair. Jojaba oil is a liquid wax derived from the seed of a plant that is indigenous to the southwestern United States and to Mexico. It works great as a moisturizer and is similar to the sebum the our scalp naturally secretes. Now we add in the Monoi which is Dr. Kari explains, is an emollient that smoothes and hydrates the hair and seals in moisture.

The results
JOJOBA MONOI Revitalizing ConditionerDr. Kari recommended that we use the conditioner as a pre-shampoo (pre-poo) agent. I had great results using this method. I was able to smooth out the hair and dry detangle with very little breakage and knotting.

JOJOBA MONOI Moisturizing Shampoo I hate when a shampoo leaves my hair squeaky clean. That tells me that my hair has been stripped of moisture. And you know what? I did not have that problem with this shampoo. My hair still felt smooth and soft.

JOJOBA MONOI Deep ConditionerI really enjoyed the deep conditioner. I left it in for the recommend time and let the steam from the shower infuse the product into the hair. My hair felt very soft and manageable.

JOJOBA MONOI Hair Milk Great styling aid to restore life to dry hair. It instantly softens the hair and does not evaporate as quickly as other hair milks. Dr. Kari also recommended using the hair milk for twistouts. My twistout turned out really nice. Obviously, a milk is not going to last a long as a pudding or gel the next day. But, it works great if you want something light that is not going to cause a lot of build-up. 

Kinky twistout after products as part of hair regimen using hair milk
 as the 
twisting agent. 

JOJOBA MONOI Hair OilLove, love, love the hair oil. It is a little heavy, but I personally like that. My hair drinks this stuff. It soaks in well and does not just “sit” on top of the hair. I sprayed it on the problems area in my scalp to help control itching and dryness. I also sprayed it on my hair to smooth and control frizz. Lastly, I used it as a heat protectant when blow drying (knocks those kinks right out).

Overall, I would not hesitate to give this product a try. Let us know if you plan to try this product. If you have already tried it please share your experience in the comment section below on our Facebook page.