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Growth Chronicles Part 1: My experience with hair growth

Big chop 2008 after hair loss

We are starting a new series on hair growth and hair problems. I thought I would kick things off by sharing my hair growth journey and struggles with growth. I really have not measured my hair since my 3rd big chop in 2008. The reason I BC’d in 2008 was because after I experienced a considerable amount of growth in 2006 and 2007 I decided to “reward” myself with a perm. I figured that a perm would allow me maintain my new length and give me that long flowing hair I always dreamed about. Well, my dream turned into a nightmare when ALL the hair in the back of my head fell out after getting the perm, leaving me bald.

Growth in early 2010

There are a number of other factors that could have contributed to my sudden hair loss (alopecia areata). The fact I had had a baby about 6 months earlier and disturbing news about a family member. Fast forward to today, my hair is measuring at about 9 inches on top and 6-7 inches on the sides and back. People ask me all the time, how did you get your hair to growth back?  I don’t claim to be a hair expert. Ignorantly, I did everything right. First, I stopped perming to prevent further damage and scarring. I cut off all the rest of my hair off into a cute style where I faded my hair into the thin area to give the appearance that the baldness was on purpose. I left the ends at the top with a few permed pieces for a funky, spiky look.

Length today–maybe one day I’ll
let the professionals blow it out
really straight. lol

Next, I did something, that I only recently discovered. I massaged my scalp with herbal oil daily. I didn’t even know at the time that essential hair oil massage is a remedy for hair loss. Lastly, I just let time do it’s thing. My hair grew out a lot in 2009, with the back growing much slower. Once, my hair grew out enough to hide the back, I started getting it blown out straight every two weeks. Jump to 2010…I’m pregnant!…again…lol. I will admit. I became extremely lazy with my hair. Wigs were my best friends, then microbraids (which I left in way too long and took down incorrectly). I have made just about every hair mistake imaginable.

Fast forward again, today, my goal is to practice the principles that promote healthy hair and healthy living. We will be sharing more hair mistakes and healthy hair practices and growth remedies. So subscribe and stay tuned!

Length today-in preparation
for a dry twist style

Share your hair growth experiences with us.

Osbessed with Straight Edges and Kitchens?…Check out this greeting card I saw at the store

Are we this obsessed with straight edges and kitchens? I remember back in the day I would let a relaxer stay on my head for as long as it took for my edges to get straight. And yes, that “kitchen” in the back of my head seemed like it took FOREVER to get straight. I suffered chemical scalp burns ans scabs, for what? Straight edges and kitchens?

Thankfully, I never developed alopecia (hair loss) on my edges (however, all the hair in my kitchen fell out in 2008 from a bad perm and stress). I know many women who have. Many developed hair loss not just from relaxers, but also from pulling the hair too tight with braids. Why? To make sure their edges are neat and straight. Some women with locs have also experienced this traction alopecia from re-twisting their locs too tight and too frequently. The loc then becomes too heavy and falls off.

So, I ask, why are are we so obsessed with straight edges and kitchens?