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A Prayer for the Black Man

In light of recent news concerning tragedies in our community, I decided to write a post addressing the plight of the Black man. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the future of the Black man is in a state of crisis. The polarity between the black men who are thriving and those are just surviving is widening. And even those who make it seen to be taken out prematurely. As I’ve said before, Love Your Naps is not just about hair, but about loving that part of us that makes us unique. Certainly without the Black man, you would not have the Black woman. We need him, and that is the purpose of this prayer. Enjoy.

A Prayer for the Black Man
Since the beginning, our Adversary has sought to take the Black Man’s life 
To enslave him, to take away his worth
If he couldn’t kill his body, then he would enslave his mind
Lord, grant the Black Man the freedom that he has never really known
Help the Black Man to know that he is loved by you  
Let him know that he is valued 
Let him know that you created him strong– 
That you created him to be a leader, a trendsetter and a caregiver

Teach him to love you 
Lord, be a father to him 
Let him follow your lead as he leads his children  
Let the Black Man no longer feel trapped in a world in which he does not belong– 
In a world in which he does not feel accepted 
Let him no longer struggle in his identity, but let him find his identity in you 

Teach him to love his body 
Let him not forget to nourish his body and his soul
Reverse every curse of death and destruction assigned to his life
Restore his body back to the health and strength you gave him

Restore his house and turn his eyes back to you
Restore the relationships with the women and men you have placed in his life
Let the Black Woman fall in love with the Black Man again
Let his children honor and respect him
Let his sisters be able to trust him
Reunite him with his brothers 
Let them no longer hate each other, but walk in brotherly love
Let him see the god in himself as he sees the god in his brother

Oh, Lord have mercy, for our Adversary has made a mockery of that which you created
Purge the image of the Black Man of these caricatures created by the Evil One
No longer shall The Black Man be synonymous with 
the Gangster, the Player, the Pimp, the Hustler, the Deadbeat 
Lord we declare that you call the Black Man Beautiful, Friend, Man of Valor, Righteous, Redeemed 

Lord, protect the young Black Boy on his journey to becoming a man
Let the promise of Psalm 91 be upon his head and John 3:16 in his heart 
For he shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor the arrow that flies by day 
Because he has set his love upon you, therefore you will deliver him
And with long life you will satisfy him

And now Lord, we give the Black Man over to you–
His hopes, his fears, his dreams, his destiny
Fulfill your will and divine purpose in him this day
In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Tiffany’s Big Loc Chop: A New Beginning

I have the privilege of knowing one of the original Queens of Poetry, Tiffany, aka, Articulite. She is a phenomenal poet who has been on the poetry scene since 2004. Her signature poem, “Why Do You Call Yourself a Beautician?” is getting raves all over the nation. She is very humble and just a beautiful person inside and out. For almost as long as I’ve known her, she has had these beautiful, long flowing locs. So, to my astonishment when I read on Facebook the she cut them off, I didn’t believe it until I saw the pics for myself. See Articulite’s new look and read about her hair journey below.

Big chop date: August 16, 2011

Why did you decide to go natural?I decided to go natural because I wanted to see the effect my hair would have without a perm.

What made you go the loc route?I decided to get loc’s because that’s something I always wanted to try because I thought it was nice and easy to manage but little did I know i had to maintain that as well lol. 

How long did you have your locs and how long where they when you cut them?
I had my loc’s for 5 full years. My loc’s where pass my shoulders to the middle of my back.

Why did you decide to loc chop?I had a spirtual awakening and decided to cut my loc’s in the month of August. The month of August is the 8th Month which means new Beginning so I wanted to start fresh and I wanted to get rid of the negative hair-energy lol. 

A New Beginning
What are your next hair moves/goals?
My next hair goals for 2011 is maybe wear the fro or maybe be versatile with a few wigs here and there.

See more of Articulite at: Check back in for updates on her natural hair journey.

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There Can Never Be a More Beautiful You

I heard this song on the radio on the way in to work this morning by Jonny Diaz. It made me think about my natural hair journey and life in general. It basically sums up the truth that I had to learn to accept about myself–that there can never be a more beautiful me. Hopefully, you know it too that there can never be a more beautiful you! Enjoy!

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