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Fly Natural Hair: Simple, Chic TWA Headband

Short hair doesn’t have to be boring. This beaded head band is the perfect accessory to add a little flirty pazzaz to your natural look. The model in this pic really lets her natural beauty shine with minimal makeup. Her curls are finger-defined with product. This look can be achieved using a twist defining cream or a gel, water and oil mix. Her earrings and necklace provide a feminine and sultry touch. She is killing this TWA!

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On the Scene at The Beauty Exchange with Celebrity Makeup Artist Reggie Wells

Angela Lee, Founder Makeup and Martinis Chicago

Outstanding! If I only had one word to describe to the events hosted by Makeup and Martinis Chicago, that would be it. Founder, Angela Lee always puts her best foot forward and strives to create an experience that will be inspiring, uplifting and make you feel like number one. The December 2012 Beauty Exchange networking event was held at the Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel. It featured an exclusive panel of experts in beauty, hair, fashion, finance, fitness and life coaching. Everyone knows it takes a team to create your best self. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions, mingle, sip martinis and network. Radio personality, Bionce Foxx was on hand to keep things moving along as MC. Yes, it was a night to remember. And, the guest speaker of the night, Oprah’s former makeup artist of 21 years, Mr. Reggie Wells did not disappoint.

The thing I love most about Reggie Wells is that you feel his genuineness from the moment he greets you. His motivation is always to inspire, teach and make you laugh while doing it. Even when he’s cracking a joke, he’s teaching at the same time. Mr. Wells shared that what it takes to be successful is 50% talent and 50% personality. You can have talent, but personality will get you in the door. He also reiterated our responsibility to this next generation of young people. You think that you are just coming to get beauty tips, but instead you get whole lot more. What an experience.

Additionally, the panelist included: Celebrity Makeup Artist Deida Massey, hairstylist and Creator of Genesis Hair Care Tajuana Hughes, Clothing Designer Laurie Underwood for Wanda Grace, Life Coach Audrey Woodley of Changing Oasis, Inc, Financial Expert Andre Senegal and Personal Trainer and owner of 1 on1 Health Fitness, Michael Harris. I’m so glad I was able to come out to support my dear friend Angela Lee. I’m not just singing her praises because she happens to be family as well. The event speaks for itself. I met a lot of great people and I look forward to seeing more fabulous events from Makeup and Martinis Chicago.

Here are some moments from the event. See more on the Love Your Naps Facebook page.
Zaneta Searles, Creator of Life Organics Products

Bionce Foxx doing her thing. :)

Mr. Wells himself. :)

Andre Senegal and Tajuana Hughes

Deida Massey

Tanikia Thompson of Nikki in the City

Quick Tips for Dealing with “Wet Hair Syndrome”

Source Unknown

Have you ever had this problem? “Wet hair syndrome” You take the time moisturize your hair with oil and water, but then the entire day your face and neck are dripping oil…I mean, not just dripping, but oozing with oil! The other day I was in that situation where the left side of my face was oozing oil and I couldn’t stop it. Even more embarrassing, I had sit in the dentist chair and when I got up it reminded me of the scene in “Coming to America” when Daryl’s family left Jerry Curl juice stains on the McDowell’s couch. Yuck!  Here are some tips to avoid that from happening:

1. Apply, the minimal amount of oil. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of putting too much product. Sometimes we have the mentality of the more product I use, the more benefit. Instead, use a small amount and gently work the oil in. To ensure you use a small amount, rub the oil into the palms of your hands first.

2. Remove excess moisture w/ a towel before styling. Get a large towel soak up the excess. Press and squeeze the oil and water out of your hair. If you are detangling, and preparing for a wash, this does not apply, because you will wash it out anyway.

3. As a last resort, blow dry the hair on “low” to dry up the excess moisture. If you have a diffuser, that’s even better because you are not putting direct heat on the hair. Plus, a diffuser will allow you to target specific areas like the roots only to avoid damaging your ends.

4. For a wash-n-go that is still dripping wet, try loosely wrapping it with a sheer scarf to catch the water. Try not to disrupt the style too much. The sheerness will allow it to still air-dry.

5. If the style lends itself to wearing the scarf in a bow, that will catch any drippage that you have from oozing onto your face. Also, wearing a pretty scarf around your neck will at least prevent the water and oil from dripping onto your clothes.

Either way, try to follow step one to avoid this problem altogether.

Have you had this problem? What are some of your ways of dealing with this?