On Taking the Risk: Brandy’s New Afro! [Photos]

For anyone who thought Brandy wore wigs and weaves because she has no hair…well…here it is!! Singer and actress, Brandy Norwood revealed her natural hair and gorgeous afro on Instagram. Of course, not that it matters to us what she does with her hair, or how much hair she has. The measure of a woman is not her hair. However, this pic is refreshing. Brandy looks so happy and pretty.

She tweets (in the pic below):

“Thank you @kimblehaircare for my Afro puff!! We finally took the risk!!#bighairdontcare #afropuffpuff#brownskin #glowwwrraayy”

On taking the the risk

One commenter on the picture wanted to know. “What’s the risk?” I’m assuming they asked that question because they were trying to provoke a response, saying there is no risk, or as if to ask the question, “what are you afraid of?” I don’t know what Brandy’s reason is for saying “risk.” But let me tell you, the risk–at least in our mind–is real. For celebrities it could potentially mean not getting cast for a role or being ostracized by your fans (sometimes fans can be rally harsh when celebs showcase a new look). For the average woman, (as is my case) it could mean being looked down on by your family, not getting a job, not getting a man (I’ll tell y’all that one later…), etc.

With that being said, more black women are realizing that the risk is not a big as it once was. Our community and the media are becoming more accepting of textured hair. So much so to the point where we are seeing more and more black women celebrities dipping their toe in the waters of Instagram and Twitter and revealing their natural hair. Well, I say go’on head, Brandy! Don’t just dip your toe in, go for a swim…the waters are safe!

Tell us…
What do you think of Brandy’s new do? Do you think the risk to go natural is still real?

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