Workday Low-Maintentance, Low-Manipulation Hair: Side Twistout Updo

Spending all day on my hair? Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

I know some girls spend a lot of time detangling and smoothing out their kinks. The number thing I don’t worry about is texture. First-day twistout hair for me is always the kinkiest with hardly any length. As I retwist throughout the week the hair will continue to stretch and become less kinky over time. I’m big fan of just learning to work with your texture. This style was achieved after I washed and conditioned it. Part of my detangling process is to put my hair medium to large twists. I left the back in twists and flat-twisted then up and pinned then down at the top with a bobby pin. I only took down the twists in front and swept the hair up and over to the side (my signature move…lol) and secured it with a hair pin.

Day 2
That night, I moisturized and retwisted with moisture cream. The next day, instead of wearing my hair out, I left the twists in the back pinned up. Then I retwisted the twists in front and secured then with a bobby pin over to the side. Any stray pieces were tucked in.

My hair is so kinky, people often think I have locs…lol (Love my naps…)

Easy breezy style. I think I will moisturize the back and retwist and keep the back twists pinned up and just continue to wear it out or twisted in the front until time for my next wash.

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