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Product Review: Eden BodyWorks Jojoba and Monoi Line

Many of you may have walked down the aisle at Walmart and noticed a new product line in the ethnic hair care section. I recently had the opportunity of trying the entire Eden Bodyworks Jojoba and Minoi line. I also had the pleasure of hearing a presentation from Dr. Kari Williams a trichologist and natural hair expert who is the spokesperson for the line. I would like to share with you her tips on the benefits of the product along with my personal experience and results in using it.
What’s in a name?The Jojaba and Monoi line is designed to infuse strength into the hair. Jojaba oil is a liquid wax derived from the seed of a plant that is indigenous to the southwestern United States and to Mexico. It works great as a moisturizer and is similar to the sebum the our scalp naturally secretes. Now we add in the Monoi which is Dr. Kari explains, is an emollient that smoothes and hydrates the hair and seals in moisture.

The results
JOJOBA MONOI Revitalizing ConditionerDr. Kari recommended that we use the conditioner as a pre-shampoo (pre-poo) agent. I had great results using this method. I was able to smooth out the hair and dry detangle with very little breakage and knotting.

JOJOBA MONOI Moisturizing Shampoo I hate when a shampoo leaves my hair squeaky clean. That tells me that my hair has been stripped of moisture. And you know what? I did not have that problem with this shampoo. My hair still felt smooth and soft.

JOJOBA MONOI Deep ConditionerI really enjoyed the deep conditioner. I left it in for the recommend time and let the steam from the shower infuse the product into the hair. My hair felt very soft and manageable.

JOJOBA MONOI Hair Milk Great styling aid to restore life to dry hair. It instantly softens the hair and does not evaporate as quickly as other hair milks. Dr. Kari also recommended using the hair milk for twistouts. My twistout turned out really nice. Obviously, a milk is not going to last a long as a pudding or gel the next day. But, it works great if you want something light that is not going to cause a lot of build-up. 

Kinky twistout after products as part of hair regimen using hair milk
 as the 
twisting agent. 

JOJOBA MONOI Hair OilLove, love, love the hair oil. It is a little heavy, but I personally like that. My hair drinks this stuff. It soaks in well and does not just “sit” on top of the hair. I sprayed it on the problems area in my scalp to help control itching and dryness. I also sprayed it on my hair to smooth and control frizz. Lastly, I used it as a heat protectant when blow drying (knocks those kinks right out).

Overall, I would not hesitate to give this product a try. Let us know if you plan to try this product. If you have already tried it please share your experience in the comment section below on our Facebook page.

And the award for best natural hair goes to a wig…2012 Billboard Music Awards [PHOTOS]


I wonder how many celebrities are secretly transitioning or have already transitioned to natural hair? I look forward to a day when celebrities everywhere will stand united with wigs in hand and shout with one voice, “NO MORE!” (You know I’m kidding, right?) Until that day, I will settle for Brandy Norwood’s fabulous natural hair wig! She was stunting on the red carpet this past weekend at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. Brandy gets a lot of criticism for practically anything she does, says or wears. This time I think she got it right. See more pics below.

Brandy wore a Herve Leger by Max Azria Spring 2012 bandage dress pair with rose-gold metallic Christian Louboutin bow-accented ‘Lady Peep’ slingbacks. Her accessories included a gold leopard-print clutch and London Manori statement jewels. The hair was big and voluptuous with a nice angled cut. (Note: Someday, I would love to cut my real natural hair at an angle…) The volume reminds me of Kelly Rowland’s natural hair weave. Surprisingly, Kelly wore her hair super sleek and straight for the awards.

Also receiving an honorable mention is Alicia Keys beautiful braided bun. Her look was pure, simple elegance. Singer, Monica also wore a very pretty braided style. As for Brandy, today we love her curly hair, next week we’ll be analyzing her long, straight hair. It’s okay. Go ahead girl, have fun. 
What do you think of Brandy’s new look and the other featured celebs? 

Hanging at Chicago Natural Beauty Expo

I finally caught a moment to post some pics from the Chicago Natural Beauty Expo hosted by Miko and Titi Branch of Miss Jesse’s Products and Rachel O. of Chicago Naturals Meetup which now has over 1000 members. What an exciting time! There was a fashion show by the Double Stitch Twins (phenomenal crochet divas…)and Essentials Elements Boutique a one of a kind boutique on Chicago’s South Side. Keeping the show popping was the hilarious and talented MC, “The King MC” and DJ Cruize Control. The event was held at the Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago. I had a fantastic time mingling with all the beautiful naturals. Check out the pics below and view more pics on our Facebook album.

Embracing Who I Really Am with a Full Afro (Not easy)

This past mother’s day weekend, I found myself in sort of a mess. My kids were sick and I had a ton work to do (both around the house and freelance work). My plan A was to set my hair in twist for a twistout on Saturday night for Mother’s Day. Well, that didn’t work out. Plan B was to get up early on Sunday morning and figure out something cute to do with my hair. I did get up early, but the kids did too. Instead of fussing over my hair and neglecting the kids I decided to enjoy what this day is all about and that is being a mom. So, I played with the children, enjoyed my cards and flowers and moved on to plan C–The Afro. You might ask, why do I say it this way. It takes a lot for me to wear a full afro and I’ll tell you why.

I’ve always admired natural hair icons like Afrobella and Rachel O who seem to be able to rock their signature full afro worry-free and with style. For me, wearing an afro is usually a last resort. I think like many women, you don’t go to the salon and say can you “style” my hair in an afro. Oftentimes, women won’t even wear a full afro. They tend to tie it back with a headband or scarf. There’s something about an afro that sends a strong statement. It often commands attention both positive and negative. The afro is the proverbial “F- you” to society’s standard of beauty.

To this day, it still strikes an unnerving chord in many blacks and whites. For whites it’s an instant reminder of the struggle for blacks to obtain civil rights. For blacks, and black women in particular, it’s a reminder of what lies “beneath”. The afo says, “look at me, I’m on display for the whole world to see how African hair really looks,” There’s also the issue of differences in hair texture. You have the cute fluffy/curly fro and then there is the latter, (which I have) the kinky fro. The kinky fro yells, “I don’t give a ____! Say something else, and I’ll pop you in the mouth…” Okay, maybe not… I’m not trying to turn this into a political or racial  issue. However, for me and lot of women, these are just some of the issues that we have to work through in order to embrace natural hair.

So, back to Mother’s Day. I’m standing in the bathroom mirror, like, “crap. I’m late for church and my hair is a mess.” Then it dawned on me, what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to celebrate who I really am? As a mother and a nurturer, I chose to nurture my soul by embracing and displaying the beauty of my hair–in an afro.

Tell us, what do you think of “the afro”? Have you ever struggled to wear one? 
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