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Naps on the Street: Nicole Ari Parker at Street Car Named Desire Opening Night [PHOTOS]


 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this woman! I’m always inspired by women who seem to do it all. Nicole Ari Parker is a actress (most noted for her role in the hit TV drama “Soul Food”), model, wife and entrepreneur. Now add to that list, star of the all-new production of Tennessee Williams’ Broadway classic, A Streetcar Named Desire. This multi-ethnic cast also stars two-time Golden Globe Award nominee Blair Underwood, two-time Tony nominee Daphne Rubin-Vega and actor Wood Harris who starred in “Above the Rim” and “Remember the Titans.” Nicole Ari Parker attended the opening night after party sporting a new curly cut and color. She looks absolutely fabulous with hubby, actor Boris Kodjoe on her arm…Tell us what you think of Nicole’s new look in the comment section below.



How to Rock a Headwrap with Style [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Have you ever had to run out of the house for a short errand but didn’t want to take down or style your hair? Do you:
a) Just stay in the house until you are ready to deal with your hair
b) Say fit forget it, step outside with your do-rag on, looking like you are about the clean the house
c) Spend time styling your hair only to have to re-style it again
d) Or, rock a headwrap with style and class?

Let’s go with answer “d”. Sistas, please stop coming outside on the block with do-rags, shower caps and bonnets on your head. You can find used fabric at the thrift store and it only takes minute to tie a cute headwrap, throw in some bangle earrings, jeans and a shirt to have a fashionable look. This a great look if you are transitioning or just need a break from styling. Check out African Export’s video below on how to tie a headwrap. Share your headwrap photos with us on our Facebook page.

Raven Symone: Buttas whipped and shoes to match–well maybe not match [PHOTOS]

Raven-Symone made her Broadway debut in ‘Sister Act’ at the Broadway Theatre on March 27, 2012 in New York City. She is starring in the show as Deloris Van Cartier, who was played by Whoopi Goldberg in the 1992 film version. Raven is one of my favorite naturals. She is such an inspiration in so many different ways. Her work ethic and track record speak for themselves. In another post I discuss how Raven chooses to rock her natural curls most of the time, but when she is working she wears it straight or in a weave. Also, we discussed on LYN the practicality of celebs (or folks in general who work a lot) being able to rock natural/textured hair all the time. For the record, I think Raven looks absolutely beautiful, and the straight hair is on point. (Actually, I think when I finally go to the stylist for a straigtening, I will have a pic of her in hand…lol) What do you think of Raven’s look? Oh, and let’s not forget the mismatched shoes…Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Or, on our Facebook page under the article.

Raven’s curly fro


On Broadway!!



“What am I supposed to do with this hot, tangled mess?” Best Practices for Detangling

Come on…don’t tell me you’ve never had this moment before.

Having long, kinky hair is a blessing and a challenge at times. With longer hair comes more styling options, but also longer detangling time. Leaving the hair loose in an afro or old twistout for too long is a recipe for disaster. The strands of hair and shed hair start to tangle into each other, forming knots. Long gone are the days when getting your short hair to bounce back with water and leave-in conditioner was all you needed. Sectioning, patience and TLC are the best ways to deal with hair that is having a hard time. My average pre-shampoo detangling time is about 30 min. In the shower time is about 30 minutes and out of the shower time (detangling) is about 30 minutes. Here are some detangling practices that I find most helpful.

1. Pre-poo
It is so necessary to use an emollient oil or conditioner to smooth and soften the hair prior to shampooing. Take the hair section by section (I do at least 1 or 2 square inches at a time) and GENTLY work and comb the product through the hair and loosen tangles and knots. I used to use olive oil (or whatever was available) to pre-poo, but I find that conditioner works better because I’m adding moisture at the same time. It’s also helpful to add oil (just pick one…) to your conditioner for extra “slip” to combat resistance and breakage when loosening tangles.

2. Finger detangle
Your fingers can feel for knots and maneuver to loosen them better than a comb. Be sure to use your fingers first to detangle before applying a wide-tooth comb to prevent breakage.

3. Wide-tooth Comb
I’m not sure of the name for this comb, but I love to use the “feather” comb with the larger teeth on one side, smaller teeth on the other and 3-tooth pick on the end. If my hair is really jacked up, I’ll start with the pick end first on a small section to loosen hair, then work on it with the large-tooth side, and then further smooth out that section with the smaller tooth side. This method has really cut down my detangling time.

4. Two-strand twist detangle
So, once you smooth out a section of hair, it is helpful to put it in a two-strand twist to keep it out of the way, and to keep the hair stretched. It is also helpful to wash your hair with the two-strand twist installed and cleanse the hair section by section to reducing tangling.

5. After shampoo sectioning
Once the hair is washed, I personally find it necessary to repeat this process of sectioning and twisting on wet hair with a good leave-in conditioner or milk and oil. I leave the twist in to keep the hair stretched until I am ready to style because my hair immediately shrinks down into a small (tangled) afro after washing. And, if I let that happen, what was the point in all the detangling I did before?

Share your detangling tips (or woes) with us!