Who’s your favorite stylist? We want to know

Do you have a favorite stylist or natural hair salon? We want to know who’s in you neighborhood! We are offering salons that cater to natural tresses the opportunity to be listed in LYN’s new online directory. We understand that DIY is not always the best choice for those struggling to care for their hair. Or, maybe you just want that special look or a little TLC, but don’t know of a reputable natural hair stylist. Part of the struggle with staying natural is not having enough resources and support for the journey. If there is a stylist or salon hooking up naturalistas in your area, please let us know.

To be listed, the salon MUST be recommended by someone other than the owner or stylist. In addition, we will offer stylists the opportunity to submit images of their work or salon and other goodies.

  • Please email us the stylist’s and salon name, mailing address, contact number and email address. 
  • Also include one line on why you recommend this salon/stylist. (You may chose to have your name attached to the statement or remain anonymous.) 
  • We will contact them letting them know that they have been recommended and ask for a brief description of their services. 
  • Recommendations are listed FREE!!!

For more info or to submit a stylist and/or salon contact: loveyournaps@gmail.com

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