Never mind Viola Davis’ new natural hair…she’s got even bigger plans!


At the 2012 SAG Awards, upon accepting her award for female actor in a leading role, Viola Davis inspired us to “Dream Big and Dream Fierce.” Now, she is inspiring us with her fierce and new, short natural look featured in the LA Times magazine spread! If you didn’t notice that Viola is absolutely stunning before, there is no denying it now. But, wait…did you guys read the LA Times article? Viola Davis is the quintessential renaissance woman. She has risen from the depths of obscurity and small-time roles to a leading lady in mainstream Hollywood. And that is not all she has to offer.

In the LA Times article, Viola expressed that she is not bitter for being overlooked all these years as a Black actress.

Viola states,

“That really is our plight, especially as women of color,” she says. “You can have all the training in the world (says the former Julliard student), come from a respectable background and yet never get that big opportunity that breaks you out—never.”

Viola is a game changer and a true visionary. Instead of wallowing in the bitterness of the past or just basking is the glory of her new-found prestige, the article states,

“Her next target isn’t another lead role. It’s producing, a task she feels she must undertake if she and other black actresses are to get more fulfilling work. Young people need to be mentored to aspire to something fulfilling.”

Viola states,

“I am doing this out of necessity,” she says. “If I am not the instrument of change, I can meander through this business and be the black woman who always has two or three scenes but with fabulous actors around me.”

Way to go, Viola!! Up next is the Academy Awards. I truly do hope to see her new look on the red carpet accentuated by a golden Ocsar!! As for the question of whether or not Hollywood will except natural hair…Hollywood will not except it until we except ourselves.

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