Roller-set on Mini Dry Twists

I have a confession. I ran out of sponge rollers for my roller set… However, as a resourceful naturlista, I improvised. A good practice when planning a natural style is to prepare all your tools ahead of time. Knowing how many rollers I had, I made the decision to just do the roller set in front and the right side. It actually turned into a pretty cute style variation. Here are some tips on how I achieved this look:

1. First, my hair was already in mini dry twists. (Click here to see what products and techniques I used.) I coated my hair with some herbal oil. Next, I took a small section (about four twists) and coated it with Elasta QP Design Foam from halfway down to the ends.

2. Next I placed an end wrap sheet (size large or medium) around that section, covering the ends. I placed a sponge roller starting at the end and rolling up and then turning the roller vertical which creates sort a spiral curl effect once you take them down. I only rolled up the hair to about halfway. Sponge rollers give a tight curl with lasting hold.

3. Once I was out of rollers, the remaining hair I flat-twisted up into three sections and secured with bobby pins. The rest of the hair, I let hang down in the back.

4. I left the sponge rollers in overnight and took them down in the afternoon. To style, I gently removed the rollers and twirled the hair around my fingers to create a little spiral. (Note: for real spirals use flexi-rods) I found these cute hair pins at one of those cheap jewelry shops at the mall for $1!!! (and don’t front like you can’t or don’t go in there…lol) And that’s basically it.

Hope you enjoyed this style! Let us know if you have or will try it.

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