My Hair Goals for 2012

I think I did pretty good maintaining my hair in 2011. Yet, like many women, my hair was usually the first thing that I put on the back-burner when life became too busy. This year, in 2012, I want to make me a priority which includes taking my hair care regimen to the next level. With any goal, it helps to write it down. Writing things down gives you clearer focus like a roadmap. I’m not going to stress out about it, but just work on my list little by little.  Here are a few of my top goals and hair concerns.

Water is my friend (Say it with me)
Water is so essential to life and the health of your hair and preventing breakage. I really don’t know why we struggle so much with water intake. Maybe it’s the taste or the hassle of having deal with wet, dripping hair. Most likely it has to deal with our culture of wanting to have hair that is neat, plus the fact the many of our favorite hairstyles take hours to do. My goal this year is to make water my ally in styling and not the enemy. I hope to do this by putting water on my hair at least once a week and washing every two weeks. I think I will return to my habit of carrying a water jug with me to remind me to drink more water.

Deep condition every 2-4 weeks
Again, it’s one of those time consuming, yet necessary things. It’s much easier to wash and condition in the shower instead of pulling out the hood dryer, etc.

Armpit length (APL) in 8 months (the 8 month is my birthday)
Okay. Maybe this one is a little ambitious. I say this because I can’t be certain of what phase of growth my hair is in. However, I figure that if I concentrate on the problem areas of my hair like the sides and back and keep praticing good habits then this goal may be attainable. Hopefully by setting this as a benchmark, it will make me think twice about doing anything destructive to my hair.

Get my hair professionally blown straight at least once this year
I really just want to do this out of curiosity and get a true length check. Of course, knowing my stylist, she’s going to want to trim at least a half inch off my ends…:( Plus with heat styling, there is always a risk of breakage and heat damage. (So much for APL…lol)

Do something with this 2-toned color in my head
Salt-N-Pepper got away with this back in the day, but it’s really not cute. I have at least 3 inches of new growth and 3 inches or more of color. I may need an intervention from a stylist to give me a new color. I thought I could hold off (being cheap) a let the color grow out, but I can’t wait too much longer. It really distracts from my styles.

So, how about you? What are some of your hair goals/concerns?

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