Going to the “Height” of the Problem: Pastor lives on the roof to save his community [Video]


Chicago’s southside and the Woodlawn neighborhood in particular has been plagued with violence for many years. You may have seen one Woodlawn’s troubled apartment buildings in the movie “Losing Isaiah” (1995) with Halle Berry. No change…yet. What will make the difference? One neighborhood pastor is putting his faith on the line and calling us to the challenge of creating change. Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginngings Church has taken up a new residence–in protest of the violence, on the rooftop of  the former Super Motel on the corner of 66th and Martin Luther King Drive. His church is directly across the street from the abandoned motel. (That motel, which I might add, used to be a sesspool of drugs and prositution. The church actively prayed and protested against the motel until it was eventually shut down in 2009.) They are at it again, this time taking what was meant for bad and turning it around for good.

The movement Project Hood (which is now being termed Occupy King Dr.), seeks to take the abandoned motel and turn it into a multipurpose youth center. Pastor Brooks has vowed to stay on the roof until he raises enough money ($450,000) to make the center a reality. He has been up there for weeks now, and only came down briefly to support a mother whose 16-year-old son was slain in the street. Briana McCarthy, creator of The Mane Source had the opportunity to interview Pastor Brooks on the rooftop. In the video, he shares his passion for the people and vision for the new youth center. His story of unwavering commitment and courage is inspiring. You can show your support by donating to Project Hood today. Enjoy the video (and watch the whole thing).

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