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My Hair Goals for 2012

I think I did pretty good maintaining my hair in 2011. Yet, like many women, my hair was usually the first thing that I put on the back-burner when life became too busy. This year, in 2012, I want to make me a priority which includes taking my hair care regimen to the next level. With any goal, it helps to write it down. Writing things down gives you clearer focus like a roadmap. I’m not going to stress out about it, but just work on my list little by little.  Here are a few of my top goals and hair concerns.

Water is my friend (Say it with me)
Water is so essential to life and the health of your hair and preventing breakage. I really don’t know why we struggle so much with water intake. Maybe it’s the taste or the hassle of having deal with wet, dripping hair. Most likely it has to deal with our culture of wanting to have hair that is neat, plus the fact the many of our favorite hairstyles take hours to do. My goal this year is to make water my ally in styling and not the enemy. I hope to do this by putting water on my hair at least once a week and washing every two weeks. I think I will return to my habit of carrying a water jug with me to remind me to drink more water.

Deep condition every 2-4 weeks
Again, it’s one of those time consuming, yet necessary things. It’s much easier to wash and condition in the shower instead of pulling out the hood dryer, etc.

Armpit length (APL) in 8 months (the 8 month is my birthday)
Okay. Maybe this one is a little ambitious. I say this because I can’t be certain of what phase of growth my hair is in. However, I figure that if I concentrate on the problem areas of my hair like the sides and back and keep praticing good habits then this goal may be attainable. Hopefully by setting this as a benchmark, it will make me think twice about doing anything destructive to my hair.

Get my hair professionally blown straight at least once this year
I really just want to do this out of curiosity and get a true length check. Of course, knowing my stylist, she’s going to want to trim at least a half inch off my ends…:( Plus with heat styling, there is always a risk of breakage and heat damage. (So much for APL…lol)

Do something with this 2-toned color in my head
Salt-N-Pepper got away with this back in the day, but it’s really not cute. I have at least 3 inches of new growth and 3 inches or more of color. I may need an intervention from a stylist to give me a new color. I thought I could hold off (being cheap) a let the color grow out, but I can’t wait too much longer. It really distracts from my styles.

So, how about you? What are some of your hair goals/concerns?

Natural Hair Leaves its Mark on the Media in 2011, What to Expect for 2012? [Videos]

Constance C.R. White,
name editor-in-chief of
Essence Magazine
in March 2011

From Barbie to USA Today to MTV, no one can deny that Afro-textured, nautral hair has is going mainstream. The natural hair conversation has come out of obscurity. It has gone from being something that afrocentic and alternative Blacks partake in to a lifestyle embraced by more and more women of all backgrounds. If anyone wants to argue that more women going natural is just a trend and not a movement, then they should open their eyes and look at today’s media.

I was excited when the story of “Barbie Goes Natural for Christmas” started to pop on blogs and online magazines. My excitement jumped to sheer atonishment when I saw a clip of it on CBS news . I was like, “For real? Someone thought this was newsworthy?” Not to mention, there was an article published in USA Today about natural hair making waves. I’ll take liberty in saying that I feel that White society in general is fasinated by our hair. The truth is the no matter how much we relax or weave our hair it will never look like straight Causasian hair. I’ve heard many White people say they don’t understand the natural hair debate and wonder why more women don’t just go natural. In fact, I’ll go out on another limb and say that White media may actually prefer the natural looking woman in advertising over the relaxed look. I don’t say this to start a battle, but it seems like every commercial these days for a major brand like Tide, McDonald’s or Chase Bank features a natural hair woman. Just watch the commercials one day and take notice.

Another media milestone, was a positive dicussion of relaxed vs. natural on BET’s Reed Between the Lines. In this espisode, “Just Relax,” moms schools her daughter on what will happen to her natural curls if she gets a relaxer. She encourages her not to change herself for anyone else and to think about her decision.

What to expect for 2012?
There has been buzz that MTV plans to do a True Life episode featuring women transitioning to natural hair. It remains to be seen whether are not the espisode will be all about natural hair (and how it will be portrayed) or just hair issues in general. Just the fact that this is even a topic means that the world has taken notice and interest in the movement. In 2012, I think we can expect to see more women in the public eye snatching off their weaves and wigs. As result, even more attention will be drawn to the issue. You can also expect more products and advertisement geared to women with natural hair. Major Black brands will need to play catchup to grab the attention of the natural hair subculture. Lastly, with magazines, like Essence, leading the way with more natural hair coverage, I think we will begin to see other major Black magazines and media outlets jump on board.

So, what are your thoughts about natural hair in the media? What do you expect/want to see in 2012?

Barbie Goes Natural CBS News Clip:

Going to the “Height” of the Problem: Pastor lives on the roof to save his community [Video]


Chicago’s southside and the Woodlawn neighborhood in particular has been plagued with violence for many years. You may have seen one Woodlawn’s troubled apartment buildings in the movie “Losing Isaiah” (1995) with Halle Berry. No change…yet. What will make the difference? One neighborhood pastor is putting his faith on the line and calling us to the challenge of creating change. Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginngings Church has taken up a new residence–in protest of the violence, on the rooftop of  the former Super Motel on the corner of 66th and Martin Luther King Drive. His church is directly across the street from the abandoned motel. (That motel, which I might add, used to be a sesspool of drugs and prositution. The church actively prayed and protested against the motel until it was eventually shut down in 2009.) They are at it again, this time taking what was meant for bad and turning it around for good.

The movement Project Hood (which is now being termed Occupy King Dr.), seeks to take the abandoned motel and turn it into a multipurpose youth center. Pastor Brooks has vowed to stay on the roof until he raises enough money ($450,000) to make the center a reality. He has been up there for weeks now, and only came down briefly to support a mother whose 16-year-old son was slain in the street. Briana McCarthy, creator of The Mane Source had the opportunity to interview Pastor Brooks on the rooftop. In the video, he shares his passion for the people and vision for the new youth center. His story of unwavering commitment and courage is inspiring. You can show your support by donating to Project Hood today. Enjoy the video (and watch the whole thing).

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Pretty Pompadour Inspiration

Looking something different to try with your hair? Or that perfect look for a special outing? Try a pompadour! I’m absolutely in love with them. So chic and sexy, this style is fairly easy to do with natural hair. All that poofyness that occurs with our hair really works to our advantage with this style. There are so many variations you can do like smooth up the sides or flat twist the sides like a frohawk. You can go perfection-style like Janelle Monae and Alicia Keys or funky fabulous like rocker, Shingai Shoniwa. Either way, just roll back the puff, secure with hair pins and you are good to go. Here is some pretty pompadour inspiration for you.

Also check out the little mohawk/pompadour style I created. Your pompadour can be as big or small as you like. Will you be trying this style? If you like this post, you will also like our Facebook and Twitter Posts