Reunion Hair: Bantu Knot-Out Updo and LifeOrganics Product Review

I was running late, so in taking the pic in the car
was the best I could do for the finished look. lol

So, my class reunion was this past Saturday. That entire week leading up to the event I was fretting about what to do with my hair. I know I wanted something a little fancy. I get tired of just the normal twistout. I knew I wanted my hair up, so I began to plan out a style. Originally, I was going to just pin my hair up and do the twistout on top. The Bantu knot-out was last minute decision because I wanted curls. I also tested out a new, full product line by LifeOrganics, using the product line exclusively to achieve the style (accept for an olive oil pre-poo). Looking back, I think that was kind of stupid considering how important this event was too me. It could have ended in disaster had the products not worked properly or I didn’t use them correctly. Thankfully, my hair turned out really cute. Here are some tips I used to achieve this look:

1. I pre-pooed my hair with olive oil. Then washed and conditioned my hair with LifeOrganics Herbal Hair Wash and Detangling Conditioner. The shampoo had a little less lather than I had hoped for as with many all-natural products. Overall, I was pleased with the results. My hair felt clean and moisturized.

2. Blowing drying: I used some of LifeOrganics Acai & Hibiscus Styling Milk for added protection from the heat and moisture. Next, I sectioned my hair off into about 8 sections. Since I have lots of shrinkage, and I wanted to pull all my hair up to the top, I felt the need to stretch my hair with a blow dryer and comb attachment. I blew it out section by section, not bone-straight (I left my ends poofy), but straight enough to easily brush my hair up. Also, I sprayed each section with LifeOrganics Healthy Oil Sheen spray to aid in the straightening process and add more protection from heat damage.

3. I blew out the back and the sides and left the top shrunken. I used the shrinkage to my advantage in order to create sort of a bang in front. Depending on how wide you want your bang is how much hair you decide to leave shrunken. Secure the shrunken hair with a hair tie to keep it out of the way.

4. Flat-twist or smooth the sides: Starting at my temple, I made two parts going on a diagonal toward the top of my head, creating a section about the width of my finger. I flat-twisted that section and secured with a bobby pin. Next, I put another flat-twist in front of the that one and one behind that one. I tried to replicate this exactly on the other side. And that was it, three flat-twists on each side. (Note: you don’t have to flat-twist the sides. You could just brush the sides up and secure with bobby pins. I do so, to prevent frizz and make the style last longer.) Also, I used LifeOrganics Styling Custard to twist with. It has a nice hold without leaving the hair hard.

5. The back of the head: Next, I used a boar bristle brush (yes, a regular ole hair brush) to smooth up the back of the hair toward the top of my head. I brushed little by little, securing with bobby pins as I go.

6. The top of the head: Two strand twist the entire top of the head. I made the sections about a square inch. Before twisting each twist I sprayed the hair with LifeOrganics Mane Moisturizer to restore moisture and coated each section with a dab of the Styling Custard, then proceeded to twist. I find that twisting the hair before creating the Bantu knots eliminates poofyness and frizz.

7 Creating the Bantu knots: After the twists were done, I took each twist and began twisting it in the same direction of the twist. I created a loop as if tying a shoe and wrapped the remainder of the twist around and around the loop until all the hair is secured around the loop. Now, because my hair is kinky, I actually didn’t need to secure it with anything, it just stayed in place. You can use a hair pin to secure the knot if need be.

8. Setting the style: I let my hair air dry and set for one hour. My hair had already become pretty dry. If your hair is really wet, or thick, or long, you might consider a longer air-dry time or sitting under a dryer for longer-lasting hold.

This pic is about 8 hours AFTER partying with
old friends. Still looks pretty good, eh?

9. Lastly, I unraveled the knots and twists, being careful not to disrupt them too much. I was left with beautful, spirally curls. Some sections of the hair didn’t lay exactly how I wanted so I just tucked them in and secured with hair pins.

Let us know what you think of this style and if you plan to do it or have different technique!

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