Osbessed with Straight Edges and Kitchens?…Check out this greeting card I saw at the store

Are we this obsessed with straight edges and kitchens? I remember back in the day I would let a relaxer stay on my head for as long as it took for my edges to get straight. And yes, that “kitchen” in the back of my head seemed like it took FOREVER to get straight. I suffered chemical scalp burns ans scabs, for what? Straight edges and kitchens?

Thankfully, I never developed alopecia (hair loss) on my edges (however, all the hair in my kitchen fell out in 2008 from a bad perm and stress). I know many women who have. Many developed hair loss not just from relaxers, but also from pulling the hair too tight with braids. Why? To make sure their edges are neat and straight. Some women with locs have also experienced this traction alopecia from re-twisting their locs too tight and too frequently. The loc then becomes too heavy and falls off.

So, I ask, why are are we so obsessed with straight edges and kitchens? 

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