Product Review: Jamaican Mango & Lime Transitions Naturals Coiling Creme Pudding

Okay. I must start by saying that I am reluctant to do the this product review because when I first tried the product, I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT. (I probably lost a potential sponsor right there…) Anyway, how I found out about this product, was that I just happened to be browsing the hair product aisle at Target when low and behold a natural hair product for only $6.99 caught my eye. “$6.99!!! Are you kidding me?,” I thought to myself, as the euphoria of cheapness overwhelmed my body and mind. If the price doesn’t get you, the smell will because this product smells heavenly!

My first mistake using this product was that I did not read and comprehend the instructions. The front of the product says “curl definition”. I had an image in my mind of these gloriously defined coils. So, I slathered the product throughout my wet hair, attempting to do a wash and go style, and you know what happened? It dried into this humongous poof on top of my head. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I love my afro, but this was not the look I was going for. In their defense, I probably should have taken heed to the directions where it says to section the hair and begin coiling, then let it set under the dryer or let air dry. (I’m assuming they mean you should use this product to do coil/comb twists or coil/finger twists and coil twistouts–which I might try.)

So, I decided to give Jamaican Mango & Lime Transition Naturals Coiling Creme Pudding another try. This time I thought, “maybe it will work on a two-strand twistout?” Um, no. Sorry honey, try again…It was quite possibly the ugliest twistout I have ever done. Poofy, no curl definition, nothing. However, even after all that, I still have one good thing to say about this product:

IT MAKES MY AFRO LOOK FABULOUS. It’s soft, coily and fluffy and it smells divine. Another thing I liked, was that the creme is not caky and goes on smooth. So, your hair is not all white with product and you don’t have to wait for it to dry. Just a disclaimer: Every one’s hair is different and you may get different results. It goes to show that reading is fundamental…lol. Use products as directed. Try this product out…it’s only $6.99.

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