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Chicago Natural Beauty Meetup this Weekend!!

Join Rachel Odem of Chicago Natural Beauty Meetup and Makeup by Rachel O. on September 10, 2011 at 2pm. This event will include: discussion session with a licensed hair stylist, refreshments, a fashion segment and more!

Register for your chance to win 1 of 10 full size gift bags from Miss Jessie’s!
Each attendee will receive a sample pack of shampoo, conditioner and styling product

You can RSVP here: $7 online, $10 at the door.

Let us know if you are attending this event!

“Meet Cj” My Interview with Permed to Natural

I recently had the chance to do an interview with Staci of Permed to Natural. I really enjoyed this process as it made me think back to why I went natural. It also made me think about how I transitioned out of the somewhat difficult period of going from relaxed to natural hair.

Tell us about yourself?
I am Cj Harris. I am a wife and a mother of two wonderful boys. I design. I blog. I love God. Most people would say that I’m a pretty meek and laid back person with a quirky sense of humor.

What inspired you to go natural?
I went natural because my hair doesn’t grow with a perm. My last perm left me with extensive damage. All my hair in the back of my head fell out.

Did you transition, are you currently transitioning or did you do the Big Chop? Why did you choose to do your selected method?
I always big chop. I did the big chop three times. If I’m going to do something, I want to go all the way. I really didn’t have the time or the money to mess around with weaves.

Was this your first attempt going from permed to natural hair? If not, how many times have you tried? What made you go back to permed hair and what made you decide to go natural again?

I’ve been natural on and off for over 10 years. Long story short, I basically kept going back to perms because I thought it would be easier to manage. In reality perms are much harder for me. I also kept going back because for whatever was going on in my life at the time made me feel like I needed to conform to a certain standard of beauty.

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