The Top 5 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Black Natural Hair

We have been conditioned to believe that kinky hair is the worst type of hair. These lies stem from our roots in the slavery and Jim Crow era of our country. We were taught as little girls that straight is best. If you come from a religious background like me, then you probably heard that “a woman’s hair is her crown and glory.” Therefore the longer your hair is, the better right? Even with all the women who are going natural, there are still those of us who just can’t let go of the perms and weaves. Here are the top 5 lies I told myself before deciding to go natural all the way.

Lie #1: Our hair does not grow
Human hair grows at the rate of 1/2″ per month or about 6 inches per year…So, are black people like cursed or something? No! The top culprit for slow hair growth is breakage. Prevent breakage by not excessively combing and blow drying the hair. Take time to properly detangle the hair and seal your ends with moisture. The second culprit is dryness. So again, take time to moisturize. Don’t use petroleum based products to moisturize because they sit on the hair and block moisture which also inhibits hair growth.

Lie #2: Black men don’t like natural hair
Here’s an issue that keeps coming up amongst many women who are natural and finding the dating scene to be a little cold now that their hair is not straight anymore. A lot of women feel that finding a good man is hard enough and the wearing natural hair will only reduce her odds. Here’s the deal. A man wants anything thing with legs and a booty. What’s going on with your hair is a factor, but a good man will actually care that you can hold a conversation. Once a man gets to know the real you, hair becomes irrelevant as long as it’s neat and well-maintained.

Lie #3: Our hair is not unmanageable
SO NOT TRUE. The key here is that knowledge is power. You can’t manage something you don’t understand. Learn how your hair behaves and adjust accordingly. We have to change our mindset about what manageable hair is. No, it won’t lay down straight, Yes, is may frizz up. I’m not being insensitive. It took me a minute to look in the mirror and say my natural hair texture is beautiful the way it is.

Lie #4: “Good” hair is better than kinky hair
This topic is like beating a dead horse. I really wish the term “good hair” would just go away. I look forward to the day the whole conversation over good hair vs. bad hair ends (that may not happen until we all go to meet Jesus…) Truth be told, every hair type has pros and cons. We must learn how to work with what we have. The real issue is that there still needs to be healing from the division and confusion that racism brought within the black community.

Lie #5: Natural hair unprofessional
This is simply not true. Any look, style or hair texture can be unprofessional if you take it to the extreme. Not even a white person with straight hair going to show up for a corporate job interview with bright blue hair color. Hair that is neat and simple is best for corporate America (unless you are the boss). Do your funky styles on the weekends . I happen to work in a predominately white environment. I am well-respected because I carry myself with professionalism and treat others as I would want to be treated. I make it a point to stand out from the crowd, not by my hair or fashion, but by my work performance.

Share your thoughts with us! Can you think of any other lies we tell ourselves?

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