Flat-twist Up-do Style

Part of the beauty of natural hair is the ability to have fun and experiment. Here, I show you one of my favorite styles I found on youtube–the flat-twist up-do thingamagigga. I say that because it can be whatever you want it to be. The first time I did this style I let the two-strand twist hang straight down. Here, am showing them curled. After I got tired of the two-strand twist, I left the up-do in place and did a twist-out on the side.

This is a very classy and versatile style. Here’s some tips on how I achieved this look:

  1. Wash, condition, detangle and section off the hair. You can keep the hair moist with a spray bottle. Decide to which side you want the hair to fall. I put my part slightly to the left of the middle of my head.
  2. Do the flat twist first. Get a scrunchy or hair tie for the two-stand twist portion and make sure it’s out of the way.Start flat-twisting from the top. I use styling gel or loc and twist gel.
  3. The key to making the spiral effect is to start parting straight to the back and then change the direction going up. Keep twisting straight to the back and then up. All the twist should end at or near the top of the head.
  4. Another tip, to keep the parts as neat as possible, secure the hair not being twisted with clips (I prefer duckbill clips for a tight hold). Place a few dabs of gel at the root of the hair before you flat-twist that section.
  5. Secure each flat-twist at the scalp with a bobby pin and proceed to two-strand twist when you reach the top. 
  6. After all the flat-twist are done, two-strand twist the rest of the hair that’s tied up. Keep the twists uniform at about a 1/4″ width.
  7. Once the two-strand twists dry completely (air dry is fine unless you are in a hurry, then hood dry) you can do a rollerset with sponge rollers for the curly twist look. Place about two twist per roller.
  8. Lastly, be patient and take your time. I’m not very fast so this style took me about 3 hours (with some interruption).

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